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Cerebral Palsy and Neurodisability

An Update of Epidemiology of Cerebral Palsy in Northern region of Bangladesh – A comparative analysis
Mohammad Abdul Wahed
An Update of Epidemiology of Cerebral Palsy in Northern region of Bangladesh – A comparative analysis
Mohammad Abdul Wahed
CT Scanning findings in clinically diagnosed Cerebral Palsy
Mohammad Abdul Wahed
Wasting Syndrome – A predictor of early death in Cerebral Palsy
Mohammad Abdul Wahed
Influence of plantar flexors spasticity on center of mass during walking among children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy
Ehab Anwar Waly, Mai Ahmed
General Movement Assessment in High Risk Infants in Sri Lanka: Experience from a Large Tertiary Care Hospital
gemunu prabhath hewawitharana, Piyumi Sasikala Wickramarachchi, Ayesha Yaddehi, R.D. Susantha Kumara, K.V. Kanchana Nilukshika, K.M.I. Induli, D.R. Sadeepi Chathuranga, D.L.N. Priyangika, W.R.A. Shantha, Sajee Anuradha Gamage, Bimba D.R. Hewawitharana, Champa J Wijesinghe
A retrospective study to look for aetiology of cerebral palsy, time at diagnosis and the time taken to start rehabilitation services in patients following rehabilitation services at Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Amali Dalpatadu, Samantha Waidyanatha, Pyara Ratnayaka, KCS Dalpatadu
Clinical, radiological and genetic findings in a cohort of 60 polymicrogyria patients
Dina Rose Amrom, Annapurna Poduri, Nicolas Deconinck, Bernard Dan, Cynthia Prigogine, Anne Monier, Alec Aeby, Guillaume Smits, Emmanuel Scalais, Ingrid Unterberger, Eugen Trinka, François Dubeau, Donatella Tampieri, Jean-Claude Décarie, Jacques Michaud, Paul Mark, William B Dobyns, Christopher A Walsch, Frederick Andermann, Eva Andermann

CNS Infections

Enterovirus-D68 associated acute flaccid myelitis in Europe- Clinical and epidemiological data from European Collaboration
Jay Shetty, Marjolein Knoester, Jelte Helfferich, Oebele Brouwer, Coretta Van Leer-Buter, Randy Poelman, Hubert Niesters, EU EV D68 Working Group

Education and Training

Closing the Epilepsy Treatment Gap: A Pediatric Epilepsy Education Initiative for Primary Care Providers in Zambia
Leah Wibecan, Ornella Ciccone, Owen Tembo, Prisca Kalyelye, Manoj Mathews, Archana A. Patel
Worldwide short course education programmes in epilepsy for paediatricians – are they effective?
Alison Gifford, Jo Wilmshurst, Finbar O'Callaghan, Mike Griffiths, Colin Dunkley, Philippa Rodie, Helen Cross, Martin Kirkpatrick

Development Cognition and Psychiatry

Neurodevelopmental Outcome After Neonatal Hypoglycemic Brain Injury .
Madhavi Shelke, Abhay Jain, Madhura Anvikar, Pratima weldode, Abdul Muqueet
To study correlation of social emotional and communication scores based on Development profile 3 test and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale ( CARS) scores in children fulfilling the DSM V criteria for Autism Spectrum disorder.
Shambhavi Seth, Satinder Walia, Zeba Parveen
A Mobile Autism Risk Initiative (AMARI) to Detect Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangladeshi Children Under the Age of 4
Dennis P Wall


Classifying Electroencephalographic Diagnoses of Epilepsy without Epileptiform Discharges and Nonepileptic Paroxysmal Events Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Lung-Chang Lin, Chen-Sen Ouyang, Ching-Tai Chiang, Rong-Ching Wu, Hui-Chuan Wu, Rei-Cheng Yang
The absence of NIPA2 enhances neural excitability through BK channels
Han Xie, Nana Liu, Wenshu Xiangwei, Kai Gao, Tianshuang Wang, Yuwu Jiang
The efficacy and safety of levetiracetam treating in pediatric epilepsy in different ages and seizure types
Yu Liu, Xueying Wang, Gaobo Ye, Shaoping Huang, Lin Yang
A Chinese boy with Malonyl-CoA decarboxylase deficiency and a novel mutation in the MLYCD gene
Fang Wang, Lin Yang
Effects of ketogenic diet on plasma levels of valproic acid in children with epilepsy
Fang Wang, Jinqiu Wang, Baoni Mu, Lin Yang
Cannabinoid receptor type 2 controls neuronal autophagy through regulation of mTOR signal pathway during the repair of hippocampal neurons in status epilepticus rats
Qiong Wu, Hua Wang
De novo Mutation among a Chinese Infantile Spasms Cohort and Precision Treatment with Levetiracetam in Four de novo STXBP1 Mutation Patients
Li-ying Liu, Fang Liu, Yang-yang Wang, Gui-Xia Zhang, Meng-Na Zhang, Qian Lu, Li-Ping Zou, Xiao-Li Chen
The value of mobile phone videos in increasing the diagnosis accuracy and saving cost of consultation for infant paroxysmal events: a prospective study in China
Lu-Lu Huang, Yang-Yang Wang, Li-Ying Liu, Hong-Ping Tang, Meng-Na Zhang, Shu-Fang Ma, Li-Ping Zou
Establishment and utility assessment of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome early warning scoring (PEWS) scale Establishment and utility assessment of PEWS scale
Li-Ping Zou, Hui Li, Li-ying Liu, Yang-yang Wang, Ying Liu, Jing Chen, Lin-Yan Hu, Meng-Jia Liu, Meng-Na Zhang, Shu-Fang Ma
Clinical characteristics and genetic features of benign infantile epilepsy with PRRT2 mutation
ChunHong Chen, HuSheng Wu, XiaoHui Wang, HongMei Wang, XiaoTun Ren, JunLan Lv, Fang Fang
Effectiveness and tolerability of perampanel in children under 7 years old with refractory epilepsy: A single-center, retrospective study
Fu-Man Chang, Wen-Chin Weng, Pi-Chuan Fan, Wang-Tso Lee
Genotype and phenotype of epileptic patients with SCN2A mutations
Qi Zeng, Xiaoling Yang, Dan Wang, Jing Zhang, Jiaoyang Chen, Aijie Liu, Xiaoyan Liu, Xiru Wu, Yuwu Jiang, Yuehua Zhang
Infantile epilepsy with multifocal myoclonus caused by TBC1D24 mutations
Jing Zhang, Jiaoyang Chen, Qi Zeng, Liping Zhang, Xiaojuan Tian, Xiaoling Yang, Zhixian Yang, Ye Wu, Yuehua Zhang
Up-regulation of HMGB1-TLR4 Inflammatory Pathway in Focal Cortical Dysplasia Type II
Ye Wu
Clinical characteristics and epilepsy outcomes after surgery in children with focal cortical dysplasia type II
tianshuang wang, Ming Liu, Jie Zhang, Lixin Cai, Qingzhu Liu, Yuwu Jiang, Ye Wu
Simultaneous quantification of alpha-aminoadipic semialdehyde, piperideine-6-carboxylate, pipecolic acid and alpha-aminoadipic acid in pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy
Zhixian Yang, Jiao Xue, Pan Gong, Junjuan Wang, Minhang Wu, Wenshuang Yang, Shiju Jiang, Ye Wu, Yuwu Jiang, Yuehua Zhang, Tatiana Yuzyuk, Hong Li
Clinical spectrum and therapeutic outcomes of electrical status epilepticus during sleep in children
Bing-Wei PENG, Hai-Xia Zhu, Xiu-Ying WANG, Xiao-Jing LI, Hui-Ci LIANG, Feng-Qiong ZHANG, SHu-Yao Ning, Yan-Ying Zhong, Wen-Xiong Chen
A Prospective Study of Non-Epileptic Events in Children with Intractable Epilepsy
Shermila Pia, Andrew Mallick, Elliot Warren, Nick Kane

Metabolic Disorders

TRPM6 gene mutation resulted in primary hypomagnesemia with secondary hypocalcemia(HSH) in 3 cases
xiaohui wang, shen zhang, weihua zhang, jiuwei li, changhong ding, fang fang
Case of two brothers with Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis presenting with Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy
Karan Desai, Sangeeta Ravat, Viraj Sanghi, Piyush Kumar, Priyanka Walzade, Neeraj Jain
Infantile-onset mitochondrial disorder associated with COQ4 missense mutations
Leechin Wong, WangTso Lee
A proposed staging system for CLN3 disease (Juvenile Batten Disease)
Jonathan W Mink, Justin Williams, Erika Augustine
The Unified Batten Disease Rating Scale (UBDRS): Validation and Reliability in an Independent Sample
Jonathan W Mink, Miriam Nickel, Eva Wibbeler, Christoff Schwering, Angela Schulz

Movement Disorders

Rett syndrome in Taiwan: genotype and phenotype characteristics
Leechin Wong, WangTso Lee
Unusual Presentation of 4H Syndrome as Post Varicella Ataxia
Ridhimaa Jain, Aman Elwadhi, Suvasini Sharma, Nicole Wolf, Resie M van Spaendonk, Bijoy Patra

Muscle and Nerve

Pain prevalence and characteristics in spinal muscular atrophy type II
Yuu Uchio, Mikiko Hasegawa, Kouta Kajima, Hayato Suzuki, Kaho Nakamura, Midori Saito, Tetsuo Ikai, Futoshi Wada, Kayoko Saito, Reiko Arakawa, Osamu Nitta
Bone Health Monitoring In Boys With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Survey Of Clinical Practice In The United Kingdom NorthStar Clinical Network
Shuko Joseph, Nadia Capaldi, Marina DiMarco, Iain A Horrocks, Volker Straub, S Faisal Ahmed, Michela Guglieri, Sze Choong Wong, North Star Clinical Network
Vamorolone, the first dissociative steroidal anti-inflammatory, improves muscle function and shows limited side effects in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD): results of Phase IIa studies in 48 DMD boys.
Michela Guglieri, Kanneboyina Nagaruja, Paula Clemens, Jesse Damsker, John McCall, Edward Smith, Diana Castro, Jean Mah, Craig McDonald, Nancy Kuntz, Richard Finkel, Mar Tulinius, Yoram Nevo, Monique Ryan, Richard Webster, Andrea Smith, Lauren Morgenroth, Eric Hoffman, Laurel Mengle-Gaw, Laurie Conklin
Preservation of Function over time as Measured by North Star Ambulatory Assessment in Ambulatory Boys with Nonsense Mutation Muscular Dystrophy Treated with Ataluren
Craig M McDonald, LJ Wei, Gary L Elfring, Panayiota Trifillis, Francesco Bibbiani, Marcio Souza, Joseph McIntosh, Stuart W Peltz, Francesco Muntoni
Double-blinded Randomized Placebo Controlled trial of Valproate and levocarnitine in Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (aged 2-15years)
Sheffali Gulati, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Jaya Shankar Kaushik, Ranjith Kumar Manokaran, Priyanka Madaan, Prabhjot Kaur, Madhulika Kabra, Sumita Bisoi, Sanjay Wadhwa, R M Pandey, Y K Gupta
Anti –HMG-Co A reductase antibodies associated with progressive necrotizing myositis and autophagosomes in a teenager
Eleanor Ng, Maina Padmanabha Kava, Peter Williams Rowe, Simon Williams, Phillipa Lamont, Rei Curd Junckerstorff

Neonatal and Fetal Neurology

Fetal intraventricular haemorrhage (IVH), ventriculomegaly, cataracts and retinal haemorrhages due to Collagen 4A1 mutation
Prakash Satodia, Jerald William, Priya Parthasarathy


The clinical features,laboratories characteristics and genetic diagnosis of Kabuki syndrome
Hong Mei Wang, Xiao-hui Wang, Hu-sheng Wu, Yun Wu, Xiu-wei Zhuo
Rett (-like) syndrome: expanding the genetic sprectrum to KIF1A and GRIN1 gene
Jiaping Wang, Jiaping Wang, Qingping Zhang, Yan Chen, Shujie Yu, Xiru Wu, Xinhua Bao
Top 15 research priorities in tuberous sclerosis complex
Anna Jansen, Eva Schoeters, Alain Wouters, Peter Raeymaekers
Combining Pathway analysis and animal model behavioral testing for the identification of treatment for neurodevelopmental disorders
Francois Bolduc, Richard He, Kerri Whitlock, Cory Rosenfelt
ATP1A3 mosaicism in families with alternating hemiplegia of childhood
Xiaoling Yang, Xiaoxu Yang, Shupin Li, Qi Zeng, Jing Zhang, August Yue Huang, Adam Yongxin Ye, Zhe Yu, Sheng Wang, Yuwu Jiang, Xiru Wu, Qixi Wu, Liping Wei, Yuehua Zhang
Study of the rare causative genes and analysis of genotype-phenotype correlations of Dravet syndrome
Xiaojuan Tian, Qi Zeng, Jing Zhang, Aijie Liu, Xiaoling Yang, Yuwu Jiang, Xiru Wu, Yuehua Zhang
The mosaicism and incomplete penetrance of PCDH19 mutations
Aijie Liu, Xiaoxu Yang, Xiaoling Yang, Qixi Wu, Jing Zhang, Dan Sun, Zhixian Yang, Yuwu Jiang, Xiru Wu, Liping Wei, Yuehua Zhang
Challenges in diagnosis and management of Acute Necrotising Encephalitis in a large South African family with RANBP2 mutation
Gillian Tracy Riordan, Alvin Ndondo, Sara Seneca, Karen Fieggen, Jo Wilmshurst
Modeling vanishing white matter disease with patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell reveals astrocytic dysfunction
Ling Zhou, Peng Li, Na Chen, Lifang Dai, Yinan Liu, Li Shen, Jingmin Wang, Yuwu Jiang, Ye Wu
Natural history and genotypic spectrum of cavitating leukoencephalopathy in childhood
Jie zhang, Ming Liu, Zhongbin Zhang, Ling Zhou, Weijing Kong, Yuwu Jiang, Jingmin Wang, Jiangxi Xiao, Ye Wu
Whole Exome Sequencing in Diagnose of Patients with Leukodystrophy
Hsin Pei Wang, Wang-Tso Lee


Brain MRI in children with Wilson Disease
yuan wu, Ying Zhu, Ting Zhang, Ming Li
ne imaging of children with Tuberous sclerosis complex: is it safe to adapt international recommendations for resource limited settings?
Marie Wessels, Bergit Schlegel, Jo M Wilmshurst


clinical features of Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein(MOG)antibody positive cetral nervous system inflammatory dymyelination in 31 children
Zhang wh
Effect of fingolimod in pediatric MS: further insights from sensitivity, supportive and post-hoc analyses from PARADIGMS
Kumaran Deiva, Peter Huppke, Brenda Banwell, Tanuja Chitnis, Jutta Gärtner, Lauren Krupp, Emmanuelle Waubant, Tracy Stites, Gregory Lewis Pearce, Martin Merschhemke
Improved performance of the 2017 McDonald criteria for diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in children irrespective of age
yael hacohen, Wallace Brownlee, Kshitij Mankad, WK 'Kling' Chong, Ming Lim, Evangeline Wassmer, cheryl Hemingway, Fredrik Barkhof, Olga Ciccarelli
Follow-up Study on Chinese children with relapsing MOG-IgG-associated Central Nervous System demyelination
Ji Zhou, Xiaopeng Lu, Yao Zhang, Taoyun Ji, Yiwen Jin, Min Xu, Yuehua Zhang, Xinhua Bao, Hui Xiong, Xinzhi Chang, Yuwu Jiang, Ye Wu
Acquired neuromyotonia in children with CASPR2 antibodies
Snehal Surana, Ratna Kumar, Prab Prabhakar, Matthew Piit, Yael Hacohen, Sukhvir Wright


Feasibility of using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for presurgical language mapping in young children
Shalini Narayana, Katherine K Schiller, Luke M Embury, Stephen Fulton, Amy McGregor, Basanagoud Mudigoudar, Sarah Weatherspoon, James W Wheless, Frederick Boop
Acalvaria: a 5-months follow up
Ivan Riyanto Widjaja, Angelina Armine Susanto Putri, Dicky Adi Putra, Marsha Zaneta, Nur Hasan


Effects of tDCS and HD-tDCS on motor learning and motor maps in children
Adrianna Giuffre, Lauran Cole, Patrick Ciechanski, Helen Carlson, Ephrem Zewdie, HsingChing Kuo, Cynthia Kahl, Amy Webber, Megan Metzler, Ashley Harris, Adam Kirton
Effect of aerobic training on muscle endurance among adolescents with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy.
Ehab Anwar Waly, Ahmed Mostafa Aboeleneen, Ashraf Darwesh

Stroke & Neurovascular Disorders

Prevalence of sleep-related breathing disorders in childhood stroke: A comparative study
Sandra Toutounji, Indra Narang, Mahmoud Slim, Shelly Weiss, Ann-Marie Pontigon, Jaspal Singh, Kathleen Andres, Daune MacGregor, Gabrielle deVeber, Mahendranath Moharir, Nomazulu Dlamini
Neurological Outcome of Ischemic Stroke in Children: a Single Center Study
youngj jong woo, Seung Hee Hong, Seong Hwan Chang, Eui Seok Jung, Young Ok Kim, Young Youn Choi

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