ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Therapeutic Hypothermia from a NICU in Bangladesh
MA Mannan, AB Shilpi, Naila Z Khan

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Introduction: Therapeutic hypothermia, although standard practice in most developed countries,is yet to be established in resource poor countries such as Bangladesh. In Ad Din Women’sMedical College Hospital, Dhaka, this procedure is being followed for eligible infants usingstandard criterions, for the last three years. This study may be one of the first being reported byany institution in the country on their neurodevelopmental outcomes (NDOs).Methods: Term infants with moderate to severe HIE are cooled within 6 hours of birth to a body(skin/axillary) temperature between 34.5°C & 35°C and maintained to this degree withoutinterruption for 72 hours. This is followed by slow rewarming over at least 7-8 hours at a rate of0.5°C per hour until their skin/Axillary temperature reached the desired range (36.5-37°C). Ondischarge all infants will be administered the Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment (RNDA).To compare outcomes the RNDA will be administered in another NICU within a nationalchildren’s hospital on a similar number of matched controls. Results from approximately 15infants in each arm will be presented.Results: NDOs are expected to be much better in cooled infants on discharge.Conclusions: Cooling must be incorporated as standard practice in all fully operational NICUsin Bangladesh, given the irrefutable evidences regarding best NDOs, as will be demonstrated inthis study.


therapeutic hypothermia

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