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Recurrent Strokes in Mineralizing Angiopathy and Basal Ganglia Stroke
Lokesh Lingappa, siddarth shah, Ramesh Konanki

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Recurrent Strokes etiologies include Moya Moya syndrome, Cardioembolic  and prothrombotic conditions.  Recurrence has been described in Mineralizing Angiopathy and Basal Ganglia Stroke earlier.

Aims – To describe risk factors for recurrence and  motor outcomes

Methods – Children with Mineralizing angiopathy on follow up after first stroke who experienced second stroke  or who already had evidence of bilateral stroke  at first presentation

Results- 9 of 95 across two centres had recurrent stroke,  Five previously published (ref 1). We describe four cases in this paper.

Case 1  First presentation with stroke 16 month of age . Asymptomatic old stroke one  side and  acute stroke on another side. child had been diagnosed with opseudohyperparathyroidism at 9 months of age. Normal at 4 year age

Case 2:  20 month old with  right hemiparesis.  Had Previous similar stroke  3 months back with complete recovery. 1 year follow up  child had mild residual hemiparesis.

Case 3:  24 months old boy with a trivial fall and right side hemiparesis. History of fall from sofa 6 months ago followed by hemiparesis. 1 year follow up no further recurrence.

Case 4- First presentation at 14 months of age with hemiparesis after minor fall and recovered in 2 months. Recurrence of episode after minor fall at 19 month. Mild residual hemiparesis at 3 yr 2 months

Conclusion- recurrent stroke in Mineralizing Angiopathy with basal ganglia stroke was seen in 9.4%(9/95).  8/9 were secondary to fall with good long term recovery.


mineralizing angiopathy with basal ganglia stroke, recurrent stroke

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