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AUTISM - Is there an increased risk from ART (artificial reproductive technique)
Darshana N Vora, Nitish S Vora

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Autism is one of the most rapidly rising and challenging condition. ART is increasingly used technique and is known to cause neuro-developmental and neuro-behavioral issues through multiple factors.

Objectives: To ascertain if ART increased the risk of autism in our population.


Prospective and observational study involving all the patients with Autism attending  Specialist Autism Centre over period of 5 years were undertaken. Patients were assessed by a multidisciplinary team using standard protocols and Data was collected in standardized Performa.


Total 1210 patients: 946 male (78%)  mean age of 2.9 years (range 1.5 – 16 years) and 264 female (22%) mean age of 2.7 years (range 1.8 – 16 years).

Of the 1210 patients, 182 (15%) were born with the aid of ART.

Of this182 patients born using ART, 149 (82%) male and 33 (18%) female. 109 (60%) (M:F – 93/16)  mild, 59 (32%) (M:F - 46 /13) moderate and 14 ( 8% ) (M:F – 10/4) were severely Autistic.

Conclusion / Discussion:

Children born with ART are known to have an increased risk of neuro-developmental abnormalities. In our cohort, 15% of children with Autism were born using ART.

As specialist centre, our population and region might have some bias. A Multicentre study / metaanalysis might be helpful in clarifying the issue.

Meanwhile, parents planning for ART should have information about the likely higher risk of the child developing Autism and children born with aid of ART should have close neuro-developmental follow-up.


Autism, ART - Artificial Reproductive Technique

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