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Efficacy of zinc supplementation in preventing recurrence of febrile seizure in Bangalore
Ramya Ramesh, Rachel Ranitha Peterson, Carolin Elizabeth George

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Introduction: In India, one in seven children experience at least one episode of febrile seizure (FS)1. Zinc indirectly acts on glutamate receptors and GABA synthesis and thereby play a role in epileptogenesis2,3. Objective of the study was to detect the effectiveness of zinc in preventing recurrence of FS.

Methods: A single centre parallel randomized controlled open label trial was conducted on 80 children with FS. Children were centrally randomized using computer generated SNOSE (sequentially numbered opaque sealed envelopes) into standard (no treatment) and intervention arm (2mg/kg/day of zinc sulfate daily for a month). Iron deficiency was treated in both groups and followed up for 1year for recurrence.

Results: 16% of the children completed the one year follow up. Overall prevalence of zinc deficiency was 35%. The overall recurrence rate was 7.5%.  The recurrence of FS was comparable between control and intervention groups (5% vs 10%, p=0.39). The recurrence rate was lower in children with family history of FS with zinc supplementation.

Conclusions: Zinc supplementation was not effective in preventing recurrence of FS. However the results may be different when all the children complete the planned follow up period.




febrile seizure, zinc , zinc supplementation in febrile seizure

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