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Mobile Media Use in Children with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder from the ages of 0-8years.
Franzina Coutinho, Akansha Shah, Shantanu Tilak, Neelu Desai, Vrajesh Udani

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Objectives: There is little research that looks at the use of mobile media among children with disability in the Indian population. The objective of this study was to examine exposure to and use of mobile media devices by children with disability.

Methods: Parents of 423 children aged 0-8 years, with a neurodevelopmental diagnosis, were administered a short questionnaire to understand the kinds of devices used by the child, duration and frequency of usage and their accessibility. The questionnaire took 15minutes to answer and was administered in English, Hindi or Marathi.

Results: Analysis of the data shows that 92.7%(N=392) of all respondents have smartphones. 61%(N=258) of the respondents stated that their children used mobile devices, before 2 years. More than half of the parents gave children devices while feeding (58%, N=246). There was a statistically significant difference in mobile media usage between groups of children with different diagnoses(p<0.000). Of those diagnosed, children diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder appeared to spend the largest amount of time on mobile media (mean=180.44 mins) followed by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(mean=122), Global Developmental Delay(mean=97.94) and Epilepsy(mean=95.60). Of the diagnosed children, only 13.4%(N=57) of parents were informed about the possible negative effects of media use by their paediatricians.

Conclusion: The results suggest premature mobile media habits, frequent use and lack of awareness about mobile media usage among parents of children diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disability. Therefore, there is a need to update recommendations for caregivers on the use of mobile media by young children with disability.


disability; mobile media use; screen time;

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