ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Experience in providing a short training on EEG recording technique and reviewing in Bangladesh, Tanzania and Ghana

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Introduction: According to American Clinical Neurophysiology Society(ACNS), wide spectrum technical and professional competencies is necessary in clinical applications of EEG, demanding long time training (>1to 7 years).  Other than the equipment and accessories’ cost, long time training period is probably the hinder to this essential test for the resource poor countries.  This paper targeted to evaluate short time training on EEG recording and reviewing.

Methods: This was part of prospective neuro-cognitive evaluation study among the adolescents who had severe malaria at their early childhood.  We facilitated EEG service in Cox’sBazar(CB), Ghana and Tanzania after a short intense training for twelve weeks.  Equipment selection, setting; technical and electrophysiological training to the pre-selected personnel was conducted by the neurophysiologist team in Dhaka.  EEGs were reviewed separately by newly trained physicians and experienced neurophysiologist.  Inter-rater agreement analysis was performed to evaluate training quality.

Data acquisition, reviewing went smoothly with persistent monitoring.  Initial problem was encountered transferring huge EEG data to Bangladesh.  That was solved remotely by expert engineers.

Result: Total 629 cases were selected for EEG; 586 were performed and analyzed.  Among them, 219 of CB are available for this study. Five records needed repeat test for insufficient data. EEG reviewing and reporting quality was good with k value 0.79.

Conclusion: Our experience suggests short time training on EEG recording and reviewing, was effective, however, selection of the trainees was important.  This probably would be helpful at the resource-limited situation to include routine EEG test and reducing epilepsy treatment gap.


routine EEG, recording, reviewing, training, short time, k-value

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