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Treatment outcome of children with Congenital CMV infection at ICH and Dr. MR Khan Shishu(Children) Hospital

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Introduction: Approximately 1% newborn infant is born with congenital CMV infection.   The incidence is much higher in densely populated country like Bangladesh.  Common CNS manifestations include abnormal muscle-tone, visual and hearing impairment, early onset seizures, microcephaly, with history o, poor or excessive cry after difficult labor.   There is no specific treatment protocol followed here for these children with suspected congenital CMV infection.

Objective:  To evaluate the treatment outcome with injection Ganciclovir in children having congenital CMV infection with neurological manifestation.

Methods: We reviewed neurodevelopmental status, seizure histories, pre-, peri- and post-natal histories in children with congenital CMV infection.  In the context of infection prevalence in our country we routinely perform the TORCH screening test in babies with global developmental delay, microcephaly and early onset seizures.  With the CMV positive on test, the parents were advised for 6 weeks Ganciclovir injection under close monitoring.    Developmental therapy and stimulation was provided simultaneously.

Results: Total 61 babies were selected for this specific treatment.  We found significant seizure control and catch up developmental skill in children who started treatment at the earlier age.


Conclusion: Congenital CMV infection should be treated aggressively with injection Ganciclovir with simultaneous development therapy and stimulation at earliest possible age.  That may prevent multiple disabilities.



  1. Medical office, Neurology Development and Rehabilitation Unit, Dr. MR Khan Shishu (Children) Hospital, Mirpur, Bangladesh.
  2. Developmental therapist, same hospital
  3. Head of the Unit, same hospital



Congenital CMV infection, neurological manifestation, inj. Ganciclovir, vision, hearing, seizure

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