ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Epilepsy in Children- Psychosocial and Emotional Impact on Their Siblings and Their Coping Skills
EKTA AGARWAL, Dr. Kavita Srivastav, Dr. Surekha Rajadhyaksha, Dr. Manjiri Datar

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Introduction- Epilepsy affects not just the individual but also the family. The siblings of such children are also affected and suffer the stress which their parents and siblings undergo.

Aim- To study psychosocial and emotional impact on siblings of children with epilepsy on treatment

Material and methods- This is an ongoing prospective cross sectional study on siblings (between 8-18 years of age) of children with epilepsy, on treatment for at least 1 year. Performa 1A is a detailed questionnaire regarding demographic and clinical details. Parents filled a questionnaire regarding their view on the child with epilepsy and sibling while the siblings independently filled a separate validated questionnaire (Performa 2) regarding their psychosocial and emotional issues. Performa 3 assesses the coping skills of the siblings. (Study expected to finish by Sept end)

Results- 28 siblings (16 girls, 12 boys) of 23 children with epilepsy have been interviewed so far. 24 siblings had witnessed at least 1 clinical seizure event. Most children showed concern that there sibling suffers during seizure but control with medication has reduced their anxiety. 78% children felt that their parents neglected them in comparison to the index child and feel left alone and seek their parents’ attention. However, most have reported no significant impairment in family and social life or academic performance. Also most have shown care and concern towards their sibling.

Conclusion- It is important to address the unmet psychosocial and emotional needs of the siblings as a part of holistic care.



Epilepsy, sibling, psychosocial and emotional impact

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