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Application of Cerebral Function Monitor for electrical seizure-detection and neurological maturity assessment in Intrauterine Growth Restricted Neonates : A Pilot Study
Jyotindra Narayan Goswami, Ashutosh Kumar, Saroj Kumar Patnaik

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Cerebral Function Monitor (CFM) is a novel, non-invasive neurological monitoring tool. Prevalence data about silent electrical seizures and cortical dysmaturity in Intrauterine Growth Restricted (IUGR) neonates is sparse. Role of CFM appears promising in this arena but unexplored till date. Current study formulated in this backdrop.


To study role of CFM in IUGR neonates for

(a) Detecting electrical seizures (Primary outcome)

(b)Assessing cortical maturity (Secondary Outcome)


Study design: Prospective, Observational;  Settings:NICU of tertiary -care hospital

Duration: 01 year ; Sample-size : 30

Inclusion-criteria: IUGR neonates admitted in  above NICU

Exclusion-criteria: Surgical conditions involving head / face.

Institutional ethical clearance taken.  Parental consent obtained.

History,clinical details recorded.

1 reference and 2 biparietal  CFM electrodes  applied on neonate’s scalp aseptically as per standard protocol.CFM recorded for 24 hours. Essential interventions administered.

Data recorded. Appropriate statistical analysis at conclusion using SPSS 20 (IBM Corp)


(Preliminary)Screened: 25; Included: 17. Electrical seizures: 2 /17 (12%); cortical dysmaturity:0/17.

(Expected )Significant number of  IUGR neonates with silent electrical seizures. Significant number of IUGR neonates with age-appropriate cortical maturity.


CFM appears to have significant utility in neonatal neurology with potential diagnostic and therapeutic implications.

Learning points:

1. CFM is an effective ,non-invasive, monitoring  tool

2. Role of CFM in detecting silent electrical seizures in IUGR neonates

3. Role of CFM in assessing neurological maturity in IUGR neonates



Cerebral function monitoring;electrical seizures;CFM

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