ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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To study correlation of social emotional and communication scores based on Development profile 3 test and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale ( CARS) scores in children fulfilling the DSM V criteria for Autism Spectrum disorder.
Shambhavi Seth, Satinder Walia, Zeba Parveen

Last modified: 2018-09-09


ASD clinical criteria for diagnosis have been defined by Diagnostic and statistic manual (DSM). Childhood autism rating scale (CARS) has been used as a assessment tool to categorize autism into mild- moderate (> 30 ), severe autism (scores >37) and <30 as non autistic . Development profile III is a test widely used for screening development in five different domains – physical, social emotional, cognitive, communication and adaptive behaviour. In our study we compared the social emotional and communication scores obtained on DP3 with CARS scale in all children who fulfilled the DSM V criteria for ASD

Methodology: Total of 51 children that fulfilled the DSM V criteria of ASD, were assessed by a team of developmental paediatrician & child psychologist. For all CARS scale and DP3 tests were administered.

Results:Of the 30 children with CARS score <30, the social- emotional and communication delays (below 2 SD, std score <70) were present in 66 % children & below average scores (1SD- 2SD, std score 71-84) in 33 % children .None of the child had average score for social emotional development & only 3 % (n=1) of children had an average communication development.  Of the 21 children with CARS score > 30, 100 % had delays in social emotional development & 95% had delays in communication development

Conclusion: CARS score <30, does not rule out Autism. Social emotional & communication scores in DP3 correlates well with social communication delays/deficits in children with ASD even if the CARS score was <30.


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