ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Antenatal diagnosed Spilt Cord Malformation type 1 [ASM]: An experience of 18 children
Naresh Biyani

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Split cord malformation (SCM) is a rare congenital spinal abnormality. Antenatal features and Clinico-pathological features and surgical management strategies for Antenatal diagnosed Spilt Cord Malformation type 1[ASM] are discussed.


The Author reviewed records of 18 children who underwent surgical treatment for ASM August 2009 until May 2018. Their Antenatal Characteristic, Associated abnormality, clinical, radiological features and management including follow-up were analyzed. In 4 children were diagnosed before 20weeks gestational age, 6 cases between 20 to 28 weeks and 8 were after 28 weeks. In 5 cases a fetal MRI was performed. There were 10 males and 8 females, Age at surgery ranged from 5 months to 64 months with mean of 16.2 months.


All the children underwent Detethering. Follow-up duration ranged from 1year to 6.3 years with mean of 33.2 months. All children good neurological outcome except 3 children, 2 children had neuroorthopedic deformity and one child had neurogenic bladder.


In this Study Ultrasound remains the best tool to diagnose ASM. Postnatal and neurological outcome is favorable.


Antenatal; Split cord malformation; Surgery; Tethered cord syndrome

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