ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Infected Dermal Sinus with Arachnoiditis (IDSA): An experience of 20 children
Naresh Biyani

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Infected Dermal Sinus with Arachnoiditis is rare complication of untreated dermal sinus tract. Clinico-pathological features and management strategies for IDSA are discussed.



The Author from August 2009 analyzed records of 20 children who underwent Infected Dermal Sinus with Arachnoiditis  (IDSA) Surgery until May 2018. Their clinical, radiological, histopathological features and management including follow-up were reviewed. There were 10 males and 12 females, age ranging from 5 months to 8years with mean of 15 months. All were lumbosacral sinus expect one thoracic region.



All the children underwent Emergent exploration, pus drainage, and minimal abscess wall excision along with prolonged antibiotic administration. Excision was total [n=10], subtotal [n=8], and partial removal [n=2]. Follow-up duration ranged from 1 month to 5 years with mean of 24 months. 5 children recovered to normal neurological status, 8 improved partially and 7 showed no improvement, One child had VP shunt inserted for hydrocephalus.




Infected Dermal Sinus with Arachnoiditis is rare complications of untreated dermal sinus tract are potentially serious and disabling. Complete surgical removal is the treatment of choice. Motor power Improvement is significant but bladder functions failed to recover even at long-term follow-up.


Children; infected dermal sinus; dermoid; Arachnoiditis

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