ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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The value of mobile phone videos in increasing the diagnosis accuracy and saving cost of consultation for infant paroxysmal events: a prospective study in China
Lu-Lu Huang, Yang-Yang Wang, Li-Ying Liu, Hong-Ping Tang, Meng-Na Zhang, Shu-Fang Ma, Li-Ping Zou

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Objectives: To investigate the role of mobile phone videos in the diagnosis of paroxysmal events in infancy and the factors that will influence correct diagnosis and to analyze the cost savings with the videos of paroxysmal events.

Methods: Clinical data of 12 patients with paroxysmal events were collected for the research. A questionnaire was designed to simulate patients' first visit in outpatient clinic. The investigation was conducted in 6 centers during the pediatric academic conferences. Doctors were asked to make the diagnosis according to the description and then both description and video of onset. Doctor’s background information including education background, profession, working years, and working hospital level was also recorded. The cost saved from accurate diagnosis without further need of examination was measured.

Results: A total of 301 questionnaires met the criteria (66.6%). The mean amount of correct diagnosis with and without videos was 8.4 and 7.2, respectively. For epileptic seizure, mobile phone videos increased the mean rate of correct diagnosis by 3.9%; for non-epileptic events, the rate increased by 11.5%, and both were statistically different. Pediatric neurologists with longer working years obtained significantly higher correct identification rates. For children patients with paroxysmal events, if they choose online consultation for their first visit, at least 12.02% of the total cost for correct diagnosis can be saved.

Conclusion: Mobile phone videos of paroxysmal events will largely help clinicians on diagnosis, especially for the non-epileptic events in infants. Online consultation is a better choice for all patients with paroxysmal events.


paroxysmal events, infancy, mobile phone videos, online consultation, China

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