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Parental use of rehabilitation services and complementary therapy for autism in Jordan
amira masri

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Aim : Determine the use of traditional and complementary therapy and   rehabilitation services  by parents of Jordanian autistic children.

Methods : this cross sectional prospective study included an interviewed questionnaire  with parents of autistic children who presented to child neurology clinics at 3 referral hospitals.


92 parents were interviewed

Conventional and complementary therapy

Antiepileptic treatment were used in 8 (8.7%) patients ,hyperactivity  and sleep medications  were used in  35 (38%)  and  5 (5.4%) patients respectively .

Parents tried Casein free diet 21 (23%)  , gluten free diet 11 (12%) , low sugar 12(13%) ,soy free 3 (3.2%) , omega 3 in 29 (31.5%)  , hyperbaric oxygen 2 (2.2%)  , antifungal treatment 1(1.1%) .Non used  chelation therapy and  2  parents  stopped vaccination .

Access to rehabilitation services

Median age at start of rehabilitation was at 3 years , 21 (23%) were not receiving any rehabilitation .Number of hours per week ranged from 30 minutes -10 hours  with a median of 3 hours /week .Less than one third of parents were satisfied with  the services .The major challenges to rehabilitation services were financial and  the absence of centres near their place of residency  .


Parents are trying  mainly dietary manipulation .The services provided for autistic  children are inadequate .



autism ;rehabilitation services ; complementary therapy ;Jordan

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