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Comparison of Epileptic Seizure Classifications (ILAE-1981 and ILAE-2017) with A Modular Education Program Among Residents in Pediatrics
Meherrem Imanli, Hasan Tekgul, Erdem Simsek, Hepsen Mine Serin, Seda Kanmaz, Sanem Yilmaz, Gul Aktan, Sarenur Gokben

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Background. ILAE  present a revised operational classification of seizure types ILAE-2017 Epileptic Seizure Classification(ESC). The 2017 Classification is practical and based on the 1981 Classification, extended in 2010. 

Objective. To compare first and last version of  ESCs  with using a modular education program(MEP) of among the residents in pediatrics.

Methods: The study was conducted in two steps. First, a MAP comprising CD-ROMs including 50 video clips of epileptic seizures designed for the original ESCs  1981 and 2017. The MEP consisted eight modules.The first five modules were designed for 2017 Classification and the remaining three modules were designed for ILAE 1981. The MEP was presented to 35 residents in pediatrics. Second, a posttest CD-ROM was made by requesting the participants to classify 58 seizure videos that were not previously used in MEP.

Results: According to the 2017 Classification, the ratio of correct anwers were 54.1% for focal seizures, 38.5% for generalized seizures However the correct response rates of 1981 Classification   were  34% and 53% for  partial seizures and generalized seizures respectiv. When we compared the modules of ESC 2017, it was found that focal motor seizures were responded correctly with a ratio of 34.9% while this ratio was 56.3% for focal non-motor seizures (p = 0.000). The percentage of correct answers for generalized motor seizures (module 3) was 45.9%, while it was 25.1% for generalized non-motor seizures (modüle 4)

Conclusion: The presented MEP of  ESCs  1981 and 2017  was not sufficiently successful(<50%) on residents in pediatrics


epilepsy; classification; modular education

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