ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Autoimmunity of childhood epilepsy
sonali verma, Anju Aggarwal, Gargi Rai, Shukla Das

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Objectives: To measure and compare the levels of anticardiolipin(aCL), anti-β2-glycoprotein 1(aβ2gp1) and antinuclear(ANA) antibodies in children with idiopathic epilepsy,in those with epilepsy due to neurocysticercosis(NCC) and healthy controls.

Methodology: Study included 36 idiopathic epilepsycases (2 to 12 years), 36 healthy controls and 36 children of epilepsy due to NCC. Neuroimaging was carried out in all cases. Levels of aCL, aβ2gp1 and ANA antibodies were measured using ELISA technique and compared among 3 groups.

Results: Idiopathic epilepsy cases were comparable to healthy controls based on age, anthropometry and hematological parameters. Among idiopathic epilepsy cases, mean aβ2gp 1 antibody levelswere 6.37±4.7 GPL U/mL compared to 4.66±1.61 GPL U/ml incontrols (p=0.044). aβ2gp1 antibody positivity (>12 GPL U/ml) was 11.1% in idiopathic epilepsy and none in controls (p=0.040). Insignificant difference was found between the levels of aCL and ANA antibody among idiopathic epilepsy cases and controls. Mean levels of aCL antibody in idiopathic epilepsy was 7.30±4.16 GPL U/ml as compared to 5.22±3.30 GPL U/ml in NCCcases (p=0.022). aCL antibody was positive (>10 GPL U/ml)   in 12(33.33%) idiopathic epilepsy cases versus 5(13.9%) in cases with NCC (p=0.047). Insignificant difference was found between the levels of aβ2gp1 and ANA antibody among idiopathic epilepsy cases and NCCcases(p>0.05). Antibody levels were statistically similar when compared based on age, sex, seizure type, recurrence.

Conclusion: Antibody levels were higher in idiopathic epilepsy group compared to healthy controls with statistical significance in anti-β2-glycoprotein 1 antibody levels. Hence, autoimmunity has a role in idiopathic epilepsy.





childhood epilepsy, autoimmunity, neurocysticercosis

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