ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Predictors of intellectual abilities among children with autism spectrum disorder
Watfa Al-Mamari, Ahmed Babiker Idris, Ahlam Ali Abdelsattar, Abeer Al-Mujaini, Muna Al-Jabri

Last modified: 2018-09-09


Intellectual functional testing can be used as a predictor of the ASD outcome. Furthermore, it can help in differentiating high from low functioning individuals which will facilitate proper school placement and/or intervention.

Purpose: To explore the IQ profile among autistic children and to determine the most important potential determinants of its subscales in order to identify a short battery specially tailored for autistic patients to help dealing with difficult and uncooperative cases.

Results: The mean age in months was found to be 81.57 (SD=32.1) for males and 76.01 (SD= 35.3) for females with no significant difference between the two. Total, verbal and non-verbal IQ mean values were 70.15 (SD=21.83), 67.98 (SD=20.54) and 73.58 (SD= 21.83) respectively. The non-verbal IQ was significantly higher than its verbal counterpart with t test equal 5.35( df =54), p-value < 0.0001. The non-verbal FR, non-verbal VSP and non-verbal WM were found significantly higher than their verbal counterparts with t test values of 3.93 (df= 54), p value < 0.0001, 8.50 (df= 54), p value < 0.0001 and 4.29 (df= 54), p value < 0.0001, respectively. According to multiple linear regression equation:

Total IQ = 43.1 + 1.7 (verbal FR) + 1.7 (non- verbal KN) + 2 (verbal VSP) [F ratio = 122 (df= 3, df residual = 51), p vale < 0.0001 and R2 adjusted = 0.87].

Conclusions: There is no significant difference in IQ between males and females, while non-verbal IQ was found to be significantly higher than verbal IQ in both genders. Non-verbal FR, VSP and WM are significantly higher than their verbal counterparts. The most important determinants of total IQ achievement among variable subscales are verbal FR, non-verbal KN and verbal VSP and they can assist as a short battery to evaluate difficult cases.


Autism , predictors , intellectual abilities

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