ICNC Abstracts, ICNC 2018

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Clinical Profile and Outcomes of Epilepsy surgery in children from tertiary epilepsy care center India
Sandeep Bhagwan Patil, Nilesh Kurwale, Sujit Jagtap

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Present study aims to describe epilepsy surgery outcomes in pediatric population at tertiary center.



Pediatric patients (<18 years) who underwent epilepsy surgery from June 2015 to March 2018 were retrospectively evaluated for clinical presentation, radiology, surgical intervention and seizure outcomes.



Out of total 175 epilepsy surgeries performed, 109 were in pediatric group (70 males, 33 females). Median age was 10 years. Mean duration of epilepsy was 6 years. 66 children had daily seizures, 15 monthly and 22 Weekly seizures. Three had refractory status epilepticus. All patients were on multiple AEDs (Median 3 AED). Majority of patients had focal seizures (82/103), Most frequent etiology was focal cortical dysplasia(40), followed by bilateral parieto- temporo- occipital gliosis(16). All patients underwent standard pre surgical evaluation. Four patients needed stage 2 evaluation (subdural grids-1 and stereo EEG-3). Different Surgeries performed are ECOG and navigation guided resection (29), ATLH (25), functional hemispherotomy (22), callosotomy(10), Disconnection surgeries (10) and multilobar resection (6). Six patients underwent more than one surgeries. Patients were followed up from 1-33 Months (Mean follow up – 12 Months).  Engle class 1 outcome was observed in 90 % in dysplasia, 81% in hemispherotomies, 30% in callosotomies, 43% in Posterior quadrant disconnections. Over all 79 % patients had Engle Class I outcome. We encountered unexpected transient motor deficits in 3 patients and culture proven meningitis in 3 patients. We did not have any mortality.





Epilepsy surgeries are safe and seizure outcomes are excellent in properly selected cases with through presurgical evaluation.


Epilepsy Surgery, SEEG, Refractory Epilepsy

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