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Fine motor functioning and speech in patients with Autism spectrum disorders during treatment by Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System
Volodymyr no Kozyavkin

Last modified: 2018-09-09



Improvement in fine motor functioning as practice shows is often accompanied by changes in their speech/pronounciation. Study conducted during two-week rehabilitation course by Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS). The general component of the method is biomechanical correction of the spine and gross joints including the system of treatment procedures: reflexotherapy, mobilizing exercises, massage system, rhythmical group exercises, mechanotherapy and apitherapy.


To assess correlation between changes of fine motor functioning and speech in ASD children during INRS rehabilitation.

Materials and Methods

The study involved 98 children with ASD (F84.0) aged 3-18 years. In order to assess the effectiveness of INRS rehabilitation were used: «Box and Blocks» test, 9-hole peg test, dynamometry, parent’s questionnaire. Comparison of the data was carried out twice: before INRS rehabilitation and after a two-week rehabilitation course.


Pearson correlation coefficient analysis data for dynamometry, «Box and Blocks» test, 9-hole peg test and speech development (R).

Fine hand function indicators

Indicators of speech development


«Box and Blocks»





«Box and Blocks»




«9-hole peg» test




* − p<0,05 ; ** − p<0,01.

There was a significant correlation between the results of «Box and Blocks» test and 9-hole peg test. These tests also correlated with indicators of speech development (appearance of new words, phrases and sentences, transfer to a new level of speech development taken into account). The most significant correlation was found between speech changes and «9-hole peg» test, similar but a bit less significant correlation was found between speech changes and «Box and Blocks» test.


The positive dynamic of both speech development and fine hand functioning was observed after the INRS course. Correlation was found between changes of hand prehension and speech indicators. So influence on fine hand functioning may improve speech in patients with ASD. These data open the new prospects in context of correction of emotional, cognitive, communicative and behavioral disorders in patients with ASD.


Autism Spectrum Disorders

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